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A Tail of Fish Out of Water, Terrestrially Retold

In the beginning, the three ancients, The Aquatic, The Terrestrial, and The Empyrean, each a transfiguration of 3 separate elements, oversaw all life.  One day, an ancient shark warrior manifested the Celestial Tide, an atmospheric pool of water, causing all those in the land and sky to perish.  In doing so, The Terrestrial and Empyrean did as well.  Forced to become a transfiguration of all 9 elements, The Aquatic punished all life in the ocean, by forcing them onto the land.

This was many eons ago, and balance between the 9 elements barely hangs on.  This is a story of that balance almost becoming undone.

MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince is a 2.5D fighting game involving 12 fishy fighters influnced by various sealife such as angler fish, sharks, the Yellowtail Fang Blenny.

With an emphasis on player expression and leniency, MerFight hopes to be a fast-paced, engaging, and approachable fighter for veterans and newcomers of the fighting game genre alike.

Latest Update

The latest version is 0.25.0. Changes include the following:

  • Updates to Rho and Octonia's VFX
  • Players can join a room, even if the match is in progress (but not spectate)
  • Connect display info in rooms
  • Players can record and playback recorded commands in training mode
  • And more! Check out "Info" from the main menu for more details.

Unique Mechanics

Input Leniency

In most fighting games, inputs such as quarter-circles are required to perform special and super attacks; however, MerFight allows simpler inputs such as forward + attack to work. However, performing the more traditional input properly will reward players with a slight meter boost. The goal with this mechanics is to allow players who may struggle with these types of input, still have a level of success when playing MerFight and help them get into the game more quickly!

Pop Cancels

With Pop Canceling, players can double-tapping in any direction during an attack to cancel it, allowing them to extend combos or make unsafe moves a bit safer.

Unique Meter Management

In MerFight there are two types of energy that can be spent. The main energy meter allows players to perform super moves. When one bar of that meter is filled, players earn a pop cancel bubble. If the player has all 3 energy meters full, they cannot earn anymore pop cancels, so they will need to spend meter if they want to earn more pop cancel bubbles.

Standard Mechanics

Jump: Press Up, Up-Left, or Up-Right

Crouch: Hold down

Block: Hold away from your opponent

Low Block: Hold down + away from your opponent

Dash: Double-Tap Left or Right

Current Modes


Players can create 8-person lobbies and play online. Note, MerFight uses a custom rollback netcode solution that is in need of stress testing and can only support 20 concurrent users with the current plan. This plan will be updated when the game is released. Also, feedback of your online experience is appreciated. Also, ranked match capability is coming soon.

Here is the online play in action in an older version between players from the US and Japan:



Fighter 8 opponents in succession. Note, the AI is very elementary at this point and will receive more polish as MerFight is updated.


Fight opponents locally (or over Parsec), AI, or watch to AIs fight one-on-one

Training Mode

Practice your technique, record AI actions to test various setups, observer hitsphere data, and more.

Combo Challenge

Challenge yourself with various combos for each of MerFight's 12 fighters. Note, more combos will be created as MerFight receives updates.

Block & Punish Challenge

Block a sequence of attacks and punish without the use of meter or pop cancels. Note, some sequences may no longer work as MerFight is updated. These are bugs that will be addressed as they are discovered.


Watch your 10 last replays. Note, this mode is a work in progress and needs some quality of life updates.



By default, keyboard inputs are as follows:

A: Left

D: Right

S: Down

W: Up

U: Light Puch

J: Light Kick

I: Heavy Punch

K: Heavy Kick

O: Light Punch+Light Kick (Throw)

L: Heavy Punch+Heavy Kick (Universal Overhead)

P: Light Punch+Heavy Punch (Unique Ability 1 and Super Punch and super punch attack use)

Semi-Colon (;): Light Kick + Heavy Kick (Unique Ability 2 and Super Kick attack use)

These can all be changed from the button configuration screen to be different keys. Note, only 1 player and 1 keyboard supported.


Most controllers, especially those registered as Xbox 360 controllers by your PC, should work.

(Assuming you are using a Xbox 360 controller...)

X: Light Punch

Y: Heavy Punch

A: Light Kick

B: Heavy Kick

Left Trigger: Light Punch+Light Kick (Throw)

Right Trigger: Heavy Punch+Heavy Kick (Universal Overhead)

Left Bumper: Light Punch+Heavy Punch (Unique Ability 1 and Super Punch and super punch attack use)

Right Bumper: Light Kick + Heavy Kick (Unique Ability 2 and Super Kick attack use)

Contact & Community

Discord:  https://discord.com/invite/VeaU9bg (make sure to read the rules channel first)

Patreon:  https://www.patreon.com/mattrified

Website:  https://www.merfight.com

Comments, questions, concerns? Feel free to email support@mattrifiedgames.com

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