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About This Game

MerFight is a 2.5D fighting game involving 12 fishy fighters influenced by a variety of flashy sea life such as angler fish, sharks, and the Yellowtail Fang Blenny.

With an emphasis on flexibility and leniency, MerFight is a fast-paced, engaging, and approachable fighter for veterans and newcomers of the genre alike.


Local Versus

Fight competitively in fierce 1-on-1 battles!


Create 8-person lobbies or participate in ranked or casual quick matches online with rollback netcode.

Tutorial Mode

Learn about MerFight's mechanics with interactive tutorials that go over the basics, advanced techniques, and character-specific features.

Training Mode

Practice in training mode with input and hitsphere display, setup recording, and more features to come!

Arcade Mode (In progress)

Fight a series of AI-controlled opponents. AI will be continually improved throughout Early Access.

Combo Challenge (In progress)

Attempt to complete a series of combos for each of MerFight's 12 fighters.

Block & Punish Challenge (In Progress)

In this mode, learn to block and punish various attack sequences.

Story Mode (Coming Soon)

Play through MerFight's branching story mode as the battle to dethrone Rho, the Arctic King, heats up.

Replay Mode

Rewatch your last ten matches in Replay Mode! More features coming soon; currently records online and non-AI local versus matches only.


Input Leniency

Most fighting games require inputs such as quarter-circles to perform special and super attacks; however, MerFight allows simpler inputs such as forward + attack to work. Performing the more traditional input properly will reward players with a slight meter boost. The goal is to allow players who may struggle with these types of input to still have a level of success when playing MerFight and help them get into the game more quickly!

Pop Cancels

With this explosive mechanic, players can double-tap in any direction during most actions such as jumping, normal attacks, and special attacks, to cancel them, allowing them to extend combos or avoid getting punished after a traditionally unsafe attack.

Guard Popping

While blocking, players can press HP+HK to Guard Pop, allowing them to roll out of the way and potentially punish their opponent’s offense.

Unique Meter Management

In MerFight there are two types of energy that can be spent. The main energy meter allows players to perform super moves. When one bar of that meter is filled, that player earns a Pop. If the player has filled all 3 energy meters, they cannot earn anymore Pops, so they will need to spend their meter if they want to earn more Pops.


A Tail of Fish Out of Water, Terrestrially Retold

In the earliest of days, the three ancients oversaw all life. The ancients, The Aquatic, The Terrestrial, and The Empyrean were each a transfiguration of 3 separate elements, holding the world in balance. One day, an ancient shark warrior manifested the Celestial Tide, an atmospheric pool of water, causing all those in the land and sky to perish. This action caused The Terrestrial and Empyrean to disappear as well, leaving The Aquatic as the sole life force. As The Aquatic was forced to become all 9 elements, it punished all life in the ocean by forcing them onto the land.

Harmony between the 9 elements hangs by a fine string - this is the story of trying to recapture a balance that is almost undone.



12 Playable Characters

Online Lobbies (Rollback Netcode!)

Combo Challenges

Block & Punish Challenges

9/13 Stages (some of which will still be updated)


Improved Arcade Mode

Story Mode

More Combo Challenge

Other Unlockables

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StatusIn development
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Tagsfight, fighter, merfolk, netcode, rollback, Unity


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