A downloadable prototype for Windows

First playable version of this networked fighting game prototype.

Goal is to just have some people play online, see if the online multiplayer functionality works, etc.  This game uses TrueSync, a rollback netcode solution that uses Photon by Exit Games.

There are two playable characters, Protolightning & Protoaqua.  

There are 5 basic buttons:  Light Punch, Light Kick, Heavy Punch, Heavy Kick, and Smash.

Basic Attacks can be chained together.
For example, Light Punch -> Light Kick -> Heavy Punch -> Heavy Kick -> Smash.

Throws are performed by holding left or right adn pressing Smash; they can be broken out of by pressing Smash within the first few frames of being thrown.

Special Attacks can be performed usually through forward + punch or forward + kick.

Special Attacks can be chained from basic attacks; however, not during a Basic Attack Chain.

Secondary Special Attacks are performed by inputting a different direction during start up of a special attack.

Super Attacks are performed by pressing Smash during some special moves.  They cost 1 meter of super energy.

Dash Cancels are performed by dashing while attacking.  They can be performed up, down (while in the air), left, or right and cost 1/2 meter of super energy.

Future Features:

  • Tutorial
  • Challenge Combos
  • Arcade / AI
  • New Characters
  • Selectable Stages
  • Command Lists
  • Balance
  • TONS MORE -- This is an early, early prototype and not even close to a finished product.

Thanks for playing!

Feel free to email support@mattrifiedgames.com with feedback.


ProtoFighter Version 68 MB